Opportunities abound at Peconic Baykeeper!

Time and Interest in Showing Public Support?

When lawmakers see their constituents involved and interested enough to attend public meetings and press conferences, they can’t help but take notice. Let us know how you prefer to be contacted, by email or by phone, and if there are specific issues or forums that put fire in your belly, let us know!

Office and Event Assistance

Our events throughout the year always require extra hands and smiles. Please let us know if you are available to volunteer pre-event, at check-in, or as a press liaison.

Have a specialized talent or capability?

Maybe it’s a willing attitude and scuba gear, a special connection or knowledge of boat maintenance, a good story about the bay, a flair with the pen or camera, or a business that might be able to provide a service. Let us know!

Send us an email at info@peconicbaykeeper.org to let us know how you would like to volunteer. Thank You!