East End Coastal Sweep

Date: Saturday, September 16th, 2023

Join Peconic Baykeeper and Peconic Estuary Partnership on Saturday September 16, 2023 for a coastal cleanup day!

In honor of International Coastal Clean Up Day 2023, Peconic Baykeeper and Peconic Estuary Partnership have teamed up to bring you the “East End Coastal Sweep!” Please join us on September 16 in removing marine debris, trash, and litter from our local beaches.

Aquatic trash affects water quality, endangers plants and animals, and pollutes the outdoor spaces that we depend on for tourism and recreation. When exposed to trash pollution, wildlife in aquatic and terrestrial environments face physical hazards from ingestion and entanglement. When aquatic organisms eat microplastics, and the chemicals they carry, it can make it’s way up the food chain, into a variety of the fish and shellfish that people consume. Furthermore, trash reduces the aesthetic and recreational value of waterfront destinations because trash washed up on shorelines or floating in the water is unappealing and possibly unsafe. Trash pollution can also cause damage to boats if the material tangles propellers or clogs vessel intakes.

The interactive Google Earth Map has been populated with clean up events hosted by various partner organizations around the East End to help community members locate and attend a nearby event. We hope to see you at a local cleanup event! Below the map is a PDF list version of the information on the map.

Click here for the map!

East End Coastal Sweep Beach Clean Up List

Peconic Baykeeper and Peconic Estuary Partnership will have their beach clean up at 9:00 am to 11:00 am on 9/16/23 at West Landing Beach in Hampton Bays please sign up here